This summer, we added a template to create coupons in a few clicks. Try it and you will see how easy it is to get spectacular results.


Sending coupons by mail is inexpensive and allows you to reach your customers directly. Several studies have shown that it is an effective strategy to retain existing customers as well as to attract new.

People pay attention to coupons: they take the time to consult the offer and will even change their consumption habits if there is sufficient interest.

A few ideas

  • Make big offers: be it a percentage discount, a free product with the purchase of another, a free first appointment, etc, the promotion will be a success if it gives the customer the impression of being privileged.
  • Have a catchy headline to maximize your opening rate. Visually speaking, use a representative image of your promotion and do not forget to include your logo and contact information.
  • Try different uses for your coupons: as a thank you gift for a purchase or the referral of a friend, as a birthday gift, etc.
  • Send a promotion to your less active members. Some will surely seize the opportunity!
  • Create a sense of urgency: test time-limited promotions or last minute offers
  • When it applies, encourage your members to transfer to their friends. Recommendations are still and always a great way to acquire new customers.

How to send coupons with Cyberimpact?

In Cyberimpact, you can create a coupon easily using the pre designed model we created for this purpose.

newsletter for coupons

If you prefer, you can also use your own template and insert a coupon row type. It will fit into your existing design.

coupons template


Enjoy the coupons’ craze with Cyberimpact! It’s easy, fast and it will help you revitalize your marketing campaigns.