You began doing email marketing recently and have heard about the possibility of buying mailing lists to which you can send your email communications. It is not that expensive and could get you started very quick, but is it a good idea?

No. Not ever. Regardless of circumstances. Here’s why.

These are bad quality lists

Would you rather have 200 members who read you and with whom you establish a relationship, or 2500 who throw your emails in the trash and report an abuse? It is wrong to believe that these addresses will be converted into potential clients or partners, not even 10% of them.

Nobody ever registrated their email address on a list stating that it will be sold and used at will by anybody.

Also note that purchased lists are frequently composed of unused addresses, spam traps and other fake contacts.

It’s illegal

This practice violates the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act and Bill C-28 which comes into force in Canada in the coming months.

Cyberimpact prohibits it

You cannot use it in our system. We reject the importation of any suspect list   and we also block the mailings or deactivate the accounts that violate our terms and conditions.


As with anything, success is the result of a job well done. Add a subscription form on your website, put a link to it on your email signature, encourage your existing customers to register with offers and promotions, but do not buy mailing lists.