We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Cyberimpact.

Here are the main improvements:

New and improved menu
It’s now easier to access each page thanks to a drop-down menu that includes shortcuts to the principal actions.

Simplified interface and switching to a 1024 format
More screen space for more control.

Simplified process for importing members
You can now import CSV files, a widespread standard format that is easily be edited in Excel.

A new and improved dashboard
Besides the statistics of your last mailing, your dashboard now includes information on your account as well as practical shortcuts.


Follow-up function
You can now create new groups using the statistics generated from your mailings.

Easier template management
To simplify its usage, template management has been completely revised.

Emphasis on tips and tricks
We have dedicated a column on each page to our tips and tricks.  Our frequently asked questions section has also been updated.

Cyberimpact is now compatible with leading browsers such as:

Firefox 3.x Windows
Firefox 3.x Mac
Internet Explorer 7 and 8 Windows
Safari 5 Windows
Safari 5 Mac
Google Chrome 5.0 Windows