Did you know that Cyberimpact gives you the ability to customize the marketing emails you send to your members?

Here’s how.

First: gather information from your members

To be able to integrate personalized greetings to your email, you must first have access to this information. You can do this by customizing your subscription form or by manually updating your roster.

Possible customizations

Here are the variables you can add anywhere in your email:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Salutation
  • Online email url
  • Custom fields (if configured)

How to insert a variable personalization

When you edit text (either in regular or expert mode), a drop down box labeled ‘Placeholders’ is available in the toolbar. You may then select the variable to display and the necessary code will be added to your email.

customize marketing emails

Important notes:

1. The code will be replaced the moment the mailing is really sent. If you simply test your mailing, it is the variable you will see (eg: __FIRSTNAME__)

2. If the data is unavailable for a member, nothing will show. For example: “Hello GENDER__ __ LASTNAME__” could become “Hello Mr. Smith” or simply “Hello”.

3. For the link to the online version, the result will be displayed as an url address. By accessing this url, your readers will see your newsletter in their browser as if it was a web page.

*Tip: You can copy and paste the variable __ NEWSLETTER_ONLINE_URL__ in the “URL” field of any link (see the link properties popup) to create a link to the online version of your newsletter instead of simply displaying the url.

create marketing emails

Soon for more tips and advice!