A subscription form is a great tool to increase your mailing list. With Cyberimpact, easily generate and customize your form to help you build your audience. Here are the steps to follow.

1. In Cyberimpact select “Settings” and click “Subscription Form”.

2. Select the fields that should appear in your form.

You can specify the labels shown for each field by changing the text below the checkbox.

newsletter form

*Note: Only the email field is mandatory and this can be indicated on your form. If you are worried visitors will be discouraged; most will not be put off by a few fields to fill out if they have good reasons to register and the layout is attractive.

3. Select the groups to which you want the form to add the new members.

Be careful not to delete these groups later!

*Tip: if you publish both in French and English, create a different group and form for each language.

4. Custom confirmation pages can be specified.

For example: if you have created a confirmation page at http://www.website.com/subscribe-thanks.php, enter this url in the “Opt-in successfully confirmed” field in order to display this page rather than the default page received by your members once their registration is confirmed.

5. Click on “Generate”. The code we supply must be inserted into a page of your website.

If you have some knowledge of html, it should be easy to modify to suit your web site.

6. Test your form!

Subscribe and confirm via email and make sure your entry is added to the right group. If all goes well, you are set to advertise your subscription page.

Useful tips:

Make your registration form easy to find

Give it visibility on your website and you can also add a link in your email signature to your new registration page. In a store, keep a stack of paper close to the counter with the address of the site and the benefits of registering. Don’t forget your business cards, printed publications, Facebook page, etc. Your goal is to be visible.

Give your visitors a good reason to register

Indicate what types of communications your members will receive and how often on your subscription page. Think about what might interest them: Weekly promotions? A contest? Expert advice? Events on specific topics? If necessary, run a survey with your current members to gather ideas.

Show them a preview of what they will get

A picture is worth a thousand words: post some examples of your previous mailings.

*Tip: You can display thumbnails or a link to an html version hosted on your site.

Collect information about your members

Additional fields can be used later to customize emails, to create targeted mailings or just to better communicate with your members.

Pay attention to your presentation

Web visitors read little and navigate quickly. Whether they are on your subscription page or in the content of your newsletters, opt for a clear content that goes straight to the point, is simple and has attractive visuals.

The last word…

Email marketing is an inexpensive tool that provides a great return on investment when you have a quality list of members. Build a trusting relationship with your members: write regularly, be relevant and you will see the benefits from your efforts.