Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), will take effect on July 1st, 2014.

In terms of the new law, Cyberimpact is the perfect tool to simplify your life.

This new law was created based on common sense. In short, one can only send promotional emails to a person who wants to receive them. This is called an express consent.

Bill C-28 also allows you to send mailings without consent to those who have a business relationship with you. This is called an implied consent. 

Ideally, every person in your mailing list should have already given you an express consent. However, achieving this is almost impossible.

Cyberimpact is there to help.

Cyberimpact was developed to help you reach the maximum amount of express consents. Here is how :

Add a subscription form to your Web site

With Cyberimpact, a subscription form can be added to your web site.  A confirmation email is immediately sent to someone who subscribes to your mailing list. Their subscription is completed once they click on the hyperlink included in our confirmation email.

This method is referred to as the double opt-in process and is ideal in the eyes of the law. Even better, Cyberimpact then saves all the information related to your subscriptions (date, email, etc.). Therefore, all proof related to a subscription is available if ever a member is to contest.

Use our existing express consent emails

We have created consent request emails to help you easily obtain the express consent from any existing members of your mailing list.

express consent


These templates contain a confirmation hyperlink, once your member clicks this link, their subscription to your list is automatically confirmed. Your member will receive a confirmation message, and a copy will also be sent to you by email. The status of your member in your Cyberimpact account will then change to an express consent.

All information pertaining to this consent is stored in your Cyberimpact account.

Sending a request for an express consent

In order to send a consent request to people who have an implied consent you must first click advanced search in the active members section of your account and then select Consent: Non-Consented members.  Last, create a new group with this result and send them the consent email.

Do not expect all of your members to confirm their subscription the first time you send your consent email.  You will have to be creative, give your members a reason to confirm their subscription.  For example, hold a raffle, offer a discount coupon, etc.

Ideally you need to get the most express consents from your members as possible, before Bill C-28 goes into effect July 1st.

Automate an unsubscribe feature

Bill C-28 requires that all emails contain a visible unsubscribe link. When a person requests to unsubscribe, it must be done within ten working days.

Cyberimpact does the work for you! All emails sent with Cyberimpact contain an unsubscribe link. A person will automatically be unsubscribed from your list once this link is clicked. The system takes care of everything for you.

In our next post, we will discuss in full any and all nuances related to Bill C-28 and implied consents. Stay informed with the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter (in the upper-right corner) or on our Facebook page.

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