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During the mad year-end rush, we sometimes forget one of our oldest and noblest business traditions: sending holiday greetings to our customers. To do this properly, there is no better way than to use virtual holiday greeting cards!

Here below, we give you 5 reasons to add them to your marketing strategy!

More than a communication tool, a customer loyalty tool

The Christmas card is certainly one of the most effective ways of communicating to increase customer loyalty. And for a small business, you know how important this can be! During the pre-holiday period, it is the essential element to consider for your email marketing strategy.

A way to talk with clients that can be targeted and measured

The first rule of marketing is to be able to measure the results of your actions. And digital tools such as virtual holiday greeting cards, for example, help do this effectively. You can target to whom you send these, and measure their impact accurately. Not bad, right?

A profitable marketing technique for your business

Studies show that sending a Christmas card is a marketing technique that yields a significant 39% return on investment for each dollar invested (Power of Direct Marketing, DMA, 2011-2012 edition)! By choosing the right email solution, sending Christmas cards won’t cost you dollars…but just a few cents.

A great way to set yourself apart from other competitors

In these times, we must do everything we can to attract and keep the attention of our customers. This is why we must work twice as hard and be even more creative when preparing our holiday greetings.

With Christmas cards, we have the opportunity to be both original and relevant. Let us reiterate that with the right provider, you can have access to creative jewels!

A green and eco-friendly marketing concept

One of the great advantages of virtual Christmas cards is that they don’t require the use of paper. Done with long printing times and gallons of wasted ink. Done with pollution! With a Christmas card, you can send your best greetings…in just minutes!

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Sending a Christmas card is a wonderful tool to remind people how much they mean to you. In addition, it can be a relevant source of information to help you judge the marketing performance of your overall operation.

Also, the advantages of virtual Christmas cards are the same as for email marketing:

• Numerous predesigned Christmas cards templates
• Guaranteed delivery rate
• Follow-ups for delivery rate, open rate and conversions

We have piqued your interest in terms of the benefits that can bring Christmas cards? Great!

Let our Christmas templates inspire you!

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