Question: why is my list refused for importation?

There are mainly two reasons for this: You are trying Cyberimpact for free and your list contains more than 100 members. Your list contains many suspicious email addresses and we think they may have originated from a purchased list. It may happen that we approve manually import if we believe that the system is wrong. […]

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New templates for Easter

We added 2 new Easter templates as well as 3 new regular models. You can find them in the pre-designed templates. Use it to send your good wishes to your customers!

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Easily send your coupons with Cyberimpact

This summer, we added a template to create coupons in a few clicks. Try it and you will see how easy it is to get spectacular results. Benefits Sending coupons by mail is inexpensive and allows you to reach your customers directly. Several studies have shown that it is an effective strategy to retain existing […]

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New templates for Valentine’s Day

We’ve added three new templates for Valentine’s Day. You can find them in the pre-designed templates. Use them to declare your love to your customers!

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New on Cyberimpact: mobile-friendly templates

Recently we have been working hard to make our newsletter templates compatible with mobile platforms. Why? Nearly 40% of emails are now read on a smartphone or tablet. Source : Litmus – “Email Analytics” (September 2012) 82% of smartphone owners use their phones to read and send emails. Source: Google “The mobile movement” (April 2011) […]

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Customize your marketing emails

Did you know that Cyberimpact gives you the ability to customize the marketing emails you send to your members? Here’s how.

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Create your subscription form

A subscription form is a great tool to increase your mailing list. With Cyberimpact, easily generate and customize your form to help you build your audience. Here are the steps to follow.

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