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Reasons Why Public Organizations in Canada Are Using Cyberimpact

  Although most Cyberimpact users are Canadian SMEs, we’ve recently noticed that many public organizations also use our email marketing solution to communicate with their members; government agencies, municipalities, public services such as libraries, and so on. We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what motivated them to choose Cyberimpact over other […]

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Hi, I’m Jonelle and I Have Creative ADD

  A while ago I self-diagnosed myself with what I like to call creative ADD. This is not an actual condition, but to me it’s very real. It also explains my eclectic career path. I have not only switched jobs, I have switched careers, a few times already. I’ve waxed eyebrows as an esthetician, sat […]

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A welcome email helps strengthen the customer relationship.

  When someone signs up for your mailing list, do you send them a welcome email? Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take advantage of this momentum. By providing you with their address and allowing you to communicate with them, customers are giving you something extremely valuable—access to their inbox. You should seize this opportunity to […]

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Show your clients some love on Valentine’s Day.

  Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to offer promotional coupons. Cyberimpact provides you with predesigned templates based on the St-Valentine’s Day theme. All you have to do is include a promotion or a coupon to share gift ideas with your clients. Don’t forget singles, or that your clients may wish to treat themselves only. If you […]

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Christmas cards: 5 reasons to send them to your clients!

During the mad year-end rush, we sometimes forget one of our oldest and noblest business traditions: sending holiday greetings to our customers. To do this properly, there is no better way than to use virtual holiday greeting cards! Here below, we give you 5 reasons to add them to your marketing strategy!

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How to get Facebook and email marketing involved?

At the Email Summit 2013, Jay Baer gave a fascinating conference about the similarities between Facebook and email marketing. From this conference, we give you 10 tips to get Facebook and email marketing to work together efficiently.

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