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Co-founder – Chief Product/Financial Officer
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Show your clients some love on Valentine’s Day.

  Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to offer promotional coupons. Cyberimpact provides you with predesigned templates based on the St-Valentine’s Day theme. All you have to do is include a promotion or a coupon to share gift ideas with your clients. Don’t forget singles, or that your clients may wish to treat themselves only. If you […]

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Conforming to CASL: it’s easy with Cyberimpact!

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), will take effect on July 1st, 2014. In terms of the new law, Cyberimpact is the perfect tool to simplify your life. This new law was created based on common sense. In short, one can only send promotional emails to a person who wants to receive them. This is called an express consent. Bill […]

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Christmas cards: 5 reasons to send them to your clients!

During the mad year-end rush, we sometimes forget one of our oldest and noblest business traditions: sending holiday greetings to our customers. To do this properly, there is no better way than to use virtual holiday greeting cards! Here below, we give you 5 reasons to add them to your marketing strategy!

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Innovate with our autoresponder for your email marketing!

The autoresponder Cyberimpact is proud to bring you its latest innovation: the autoresponder! It allows you to automate and better target your email marketing. Cyberimpact is always simpler and more profitable!

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New newsletter templates to celebrate customer birthdays!

Happy birthday newsletter templates! Cyberimpact offers you the possibility of using these striking newsletter models for your members’ birthdays. You will find these new templates in the Cyberimpact application. New templates for a new feature ! Additionally, these newsletter templates will allow you to fully enjoy our new Cyberimpact feature: the autoresponder. In fact, this […]

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How to get Facebook and email marketing involved?

At the Email Summit 2013, Jay Baer gave a fascinating conference about the similarities between Facebook and email marketing. From this conference, we give you 10 tips to get Facebook and email marketing to work together efficiently.

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Cyberimpact gets a facelift.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Cyberimpact. Here are the main improvements: New and improved menu It’s now easier to access each page thanks to a drop-down menu that includes shortcuts to the principal actions. Simplified interface and switching to a 1024 format More screen space for more control. […]

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When your newsletter becomes spam

95% of all communications sent via the Internet are deemed to constitute spam. This statistic is disturbing and worthy of our consideration. This communication method, moreover, should be used judiciously, with due respect for e-marketing rules of conduct. Failure to do so could result in your newsletters being labelled as “spam” and your company dubbed […]

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