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Jonelle Larouche

Web Content Creator

When I'm not creating content for our social media platforms and blog, I'm hitting up a Kickboxing class, singing along to motown, soul and funk, or out enjoying everything Montreal has to offer.


Créatrice de contenu web

Lorsque je ne suis pas occupée à créer du contenu pour nos médias sociaux ou notre blogue, vous pouvez me trouver dans un cours de Kickboxing, dans mon salon à chanter du motown, soul ou funk ou encore simplement en train de profiter de tout ce que Montréal a de bon à offrir.

Hi, I’m Jonelle and I Have Creative ADD

  A while ago I self-diagnosed myself with what I like to call creative ADD. This is not an actual condition, but to me it’s very real. It also explains my eclectic career path. I have not only switched jobs, I have switched careers, a few times already. I’ve waxed eyebrows as an esthetician, sat […]

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Valentine’s Day: An Email Marketing Gold Mine

  Along with Christmas and Black Friday, Valentine’s Day is one of the most lucrative holidays for entrepreneurs and marketers. According to a recent survey by RetailMeNot.ca, this year, the average Canadian will spend $164 on their V-Day celebration. In Canada there are 7,861,860 couples. And what do most couples do for Valentine’s Day? Statistics […]

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Why Email Marketing is Different in Canada

Doing email marketing without the proper platform is a lot like parking where there’s a fluorescent yellow no parking sign.  You saw the sign, you knew the restrictions of the spot. But you told yourself “hey, I’m only running in, I’ll be fine.”  Only to come back to find  parking enforcement leaving you an expensive, […]

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5 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Calendar You Will Actually Stick With

January, the time for New Year’s resolutions!  The time for diets, exercise and setting all kinds of new goals.  What better time to create an email marketing calendar to plan out your year.  Start fresh and find what works for you.  The most important thing, like any New Year’s resolution is to stay consistent. We […]

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