Each time a mailing is sent from Cyberimpact, we receive a copy. This allows us to ensure that all emails are consistent with our policies (and thus maintain the good reputation of our servers) but also to admire your achievements and improve our application according to the use you make of it.

We received several interesting emails since the launch of the new editor, which gave us the idea to share a few on this blog.

Email of the moment: Mell Fitness

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Colorful presentation

Visually speaking, congratulations!

Subscribed to Cyberimpact only a few days ago, Mell Fitness has managed to customize a pre-designed template so that it is now perfectly suited to his style. The bold colors, the choice of photo and the dynamic layout create an eye-catching email which demonstrates the company’s personality.

All in all, this email is inviting and well laid out, adapted to a predominantly young and energetic female clientele.

Multiples links to more content

It is always good to provide several links to the reader: it can only improve the click rate! If a link is particularly important, repeat it in different places in the email.

Here, several links lead to the website and the use of the social networks bar gives the reader easy access the company’s page on Facebook.

Note, however, that there is no link to the Twitter account (which does exist) and an error in the first text link to the website. Always take the time to test all of your links before sending your mailing: once gone, it is no longer possible to correct it.

Somewhat irregular spacing

Some spaces could be improved, especially in the dark gray block to the right of the photo. There is an empty line above the title and adding some space above and below the row would have helped equalize the whole.

Note: did you know that you can easily add or remove space around each row with the buttons shown on the left when the mouse passes over it?


Too many fonts

The font changes several times in this email: Tahoma, Lucida, Arial, Trebuchet, and even Times New Roman. This can sometimes disrupt the harmony: the eye notices too many minor differences that the head does not understand.

Our suggestion: choose a font for headings and one for text.

Unclear message

My main concern with this email is the message, which seems very generic. First : the subject, which contains only the name of the company, and then the text, which is interesting, but provides little action incentive.

Ask yourself what will make your members click. Would it be a New Year  promotion? Description of the various types of courses? Pictures of a workout session? A list of tips on how to keep their New Year’s resolutions? If necessary, ask them what would catch their interest.  

The mention of a video in the first paragraph is a great idea, but where is the link? Even on the website, I can’t find it easily. Tip: put a picture of the video in the email that leads directly to the page where the file is available.

Conclusion : we look forward to the next!

This is a very impressive first use which announces for beautiful emails to come.

Congratulations to Mell Fitness for its energic email!